A Little Bit About us..

Trident Freedivers Apparel showcases a unique combination of Graphics, Underwater Photographs and Editing to bring you these unique prints for all your ocean wear needs. We get salty everyday and created this collection with ocean people like you in mind.

Favorites ~

Paradise Print

This gorgeous Print is taken of the beautiful Caribbean Waters of Barbados.... 


This is a selection of your favorite Long and short Sleeve T-shirts... 

Hanna Freediving the Trident Ship Wreck in our home; Barbados

  • Want to learn to Freedive?

    Or take an underwater photo tour with us? Click the link below to visit our school -

    Trident Freedivers School 
  • Images

    Our Images come from the Caribbean Sea around Barbados. Many of these elements are taken from images or inspired by marine life from around our island.

  • Focus

    Our focus is to highlight some of the creatures that live in our waters and to encourage people to respect and protect them starting from an admiration for their beauty. We even highlight smaller fish species thay are often overlooked

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